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I suffer from a strange disorder, Homepage Denial Syndrome. It causes me to go for long periods of time without updating my personal homepage. I can easily go for literally years without an update. I actually have w*rked in web development, so I guess updating my own personal homepage just looks too much like people w*rking.

What usually ends up happening is my wife gets fed up with the state of my homepage and does an overhaul on it. I, of course, contribute the content, because it is my homepage. Lately, she seems to have also developed Homepage Denial Syndrome, as well, though, so this site doesn't always get updated regularly.

So, check this page about annually to see what changes have been made on this website. Hey, do you suppose I could call this the world's slowest weblog?

26 February 2013
It has, apparently, gone out of style to have one's resumé/CV on one's home page. In the interest of being fashionable, I have removed my resumé and replaced it with a link to my profile on the the much more hip and trendy LinkedIn. (I will also note that my wife appears to be the only HTML writer left on the planet who knows how to use the DL/DT/DD tags. Pity. They're cool. Just like bow ties.)
12 January 2011
Updated photograph of myself and my girls on the Family page, with a classic "holiday family snap" shot.
12 May 2009
Ah, here's the new design my wife promised. Art Deco style self portrait by me.
19 April 2009:
Changed the picture of myself and my kids on the Family page. Apparently, the new design is still in the works, or so my wife claims.
26 October 2008:
There's a new picture of myself and my daughters on the Family page. A new site design is in the works for this site. Heaven knowns when it will be done, though.
17 April 2005:
Slightly less than a year since the last update, how about that? There's a new picture of me with my little girls on the Family page.
24 April 2004:
There's a new picture of Zoë and myself on my Family page now, and a couple of new links on the Geek page.
17 March 2004:
Figured it was time to remove a couple of extremely outdated factoids and put in something more appropriate.
12 November 2003:
Minor fix to page formatting. Change of embedded email address.
10 August 2002:
Put in a new picture of Miranda and me.
10 May 2002:
Updated the pictures of me and the kids on my Family page.
12 April 2002:
Moved my Renderman™ Shading Language Grammar for lex/yacc from its previous home to this homepage site.
09 February 2002:
Updated my Family page since we had another child. We also moved, but that's nothing to do with this homepage.
23 September 2001:
Updated my Geek Code and included a decoder link.
24 August 2001:
Changed the picture of Zoë and myself on the Family page.
26 April 2001:
This is a record for rapid site redesign. You see, being married to a web designer/digital artist has some interesting side effects, and one of them is that sometimes you get your face made into art and then your entire site gets redesigned because "I don't like the design I just did. It was fun to do, but I'm sick of it now." I don't know. I thought it was fine. It's best not to argue sometimes.
7 April 2001:
I wanted to add a new section, so Bonni took the opportunity to rework the entire site design and play with a couple of new techniques she learned in Photoshop. Yeah, I know. But it could be worse. She could be into Flash or something. Anyway, there's now a Causes section and some updates to the general information in a few places.
18 January 2001:
After viewing this website on a WebTV simulator, Bonni took it upon herself to slightly redesign the pages to include text links at the bottom of each page (which she should have done to begin with). There are also a couple of new links on the Obligatory Links page.
7 December 2000:
I have updated and moved my resumé to this domain. It is now
6 November 2000:
It's been less than a year since the last update, how about that? As you should be able to tell, these pages have moved from BonniNet to Other than some minor fixing of links to reflect this change and a little bit of cosmetic change on the index page, nothing much else has changed here, though.
21 September 2000:
Registered and set up, and then set up this subdomain, Woohoo.
13 June 2000:
Since last updating my homepage over two years ago, I have gotten married (4 April 1999), become a father (24 November 1999), changed jobs (twice), and moved household (twice). Naturally with all that going on I was too busy and distracted to update my homepage, so my wife finally did it for me. As of today, this site has had a complete overhaul in design including all new graphics and CSS implementation, as well as a complete content update. In another two years or so, it may get updated again...
17 May 1998:
Moved this homepage to BonniNet for obvious reasons. Bonni made me a new title banner, and some minor updates to information on most pages.
1 April 1998:
Today Bonni Hall and I officially announced our engagement. No, it is not an April Fool's joke, and yes, the date was chosen for the amusing association with fools.
10 October 1997:
Tweaking and compliance testing completed, the new-look homepage goes online.
28 August 1997:
Bonni finally got so fed up with the pages (which were excellent in 1994, as we've already established) that I finally acquiesced and let her redo the design. Updates to just about everything here.
Some time in January 1997:
Andrew stopped referring to himself in the third person, like I should have done all along.
July 1995-August 1997:
Andrew falls into a deep state of Homepage Denial Syndrome, causing him to deliberately neglect his homepage for over two years, clinging to the somewhat delusional idea that in the year 1994, his homepage had been state-of-the-art and much admired. Through Cognitive Nag Therapy, his illness remitted enough for him to permit his therapist to do something about his horrifically outdated and ugly homepage.
Late 1994-June 1995:
Little happens to Andrew's homepage except more links (which never got maintained) and even worse graphics.
Later in 1994:
Department web server goes online, Andrew is now visible to the outside world.
About April 1994:
Andrew Bromage produces his first-cut web page, which is invisible to the outside world owing to the department he was working at not having a HTTP server.
December 1993:
The WWW first gets press write-up in newspapers such as The New York Times and The Guardian. Hoardes of clueless people with no artistic talent and multiple explanation marks are curious, and by January 1994, with the advent of the first ``Internet in a box'' product, launch themselves onto an unprepared Internet.
February 1993:
Marc Andreessen, working at the NCSA, produced the alpha version of what would become (in September) the first multi-platform GUI WWW client, Mosaic. In about July, Andrew Bromage was shown Mosaic by a friend and was most impressed by the bandwidth that it wastes. Andrew resolved to add more noise to the already cluttered Internet backbone.
29 April 1992:
First graphical WWW client Erwise completed in Finland.
December 1991:
Tim Berners-Lee's proposal for network hypertext first demonstrated at the Hypertext '91 conference in San Antonio, Texas.
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